Tuesday, February 24, 2009

yippee! XD

haha, i've got a good news that is not worth reading if you don't have the time.
haha, ikot la nak bace ke x. ;p

finally, after a long wait of trial and errors since sem 1, i've finally got myself into uia's internet!!
at first, after the registration, i couldn't get online since uia's wifi is so messed up.
sob even tried to help me.
it was a success but only for a short while.
i was devastated la obviously!
then, jeng3~
last night, after an hour or so, i got a message from my computer somewhere saying that i'm currently online.
couldn't believe my eyes at first but after i tried opening mozilla, it works!
hardi har-har!
suke gile! XD
ok, itu je nak cte.
ngeh3. ;p

Saturday, February 14, 2009

2 weeks of pure torture

i'm back!
and yes, i still have a mountain of work to do.
let me list down all the work i have to settle in two weeks time, so you guys can share the pain.

1. UNGS - a review of a topic which we have to search on the net or books. we got 'em early this sem and as usual, we waited until the last minute to do them. and now look at what i got myself into. haih -_-;;

2. history - presentation in 2 weeks and i'm the one who has to do the slides. and i still can't find infos on my part of the presentation. damn it! X( to my group mates, i'm not complaining. seriously :)

3. ESS - an assignment which also due in 2 weeks. well, we always have an assignment every 2 weeks. but i don't even get some of the things we did in the past assignments. just copy paste and presto!

4. BCM - 2 weeks worth of presentation that we have tp present next week! :( plus a report. da la last week lecturer x dtg. at least inform la ade assignment ke ape so we can prepare something at least. haih. -_-;;

5. studio - still designing the bungalow for final project which costs 70% of the grade! X( need to research more since my design is soooo blaaaaaah! >_> the latest crit(short for criticise), my whole space for the kitchen, master bedroom yada2 was rearrange by mdm and now i have to draw it all over again. AND what's worse was that last friday we were suppose to have a crit session and i didn't sleep to finish the drawing. it was postponed to monday because mdm said the other sections(studios) haven;t finished theirs but when i asked them, they did have a crit session. humph! >=( then on monday, it was postponed AGAIN to friday but i can't remember why and i was frustrated coz of lack of sleep. then on friday, we had a talk on safety that morning till 11.30 and of course there was no crit. and you know why i was frustrated then. huu. i'm not sure if we have another crit session on monday but now, i don't give a damn and i'm gonna sleep early on sunday. haha, kidding la. i have to excel this sem on account of my scholarship. if i fail, where am i supposed to get money after this? :(

6. BM - a presentation on 'papan tande' which we went to Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka on wed and the some of the people there are no help. geez, is it so hard to get a 15 minutes interview? but the people at the library was super cool! we want a specific book written by a specific someone, and he came back with a bunch of other books that may help with our research. thanks! and to the pak gads also! THEY were super nice.

i can't remember the other assignment but i'm sure i have more to go. dang it.
dear God, please help me! X(
i can't handle pressure very well and i don't want to go senile after just turning 20.

oh yeah, here are a few pics i wanted to share with you readers ;)

my first class of photoshoping went well last week :) but still not good enough. oh well, i'm still learning :))

ajaa's one. nicer than mine :'(

haha, this one is super stupid! i went to clean my aunt's house today since she's coming back from the states. i tried to switched on the water and i stepped on this since it was high. this happened. am i that heavy? :( luckily it didn't scrape my legs. wee~

*i'm doing this while watching bourne ultimatum. i didn't know the movie is awesome!! saw the first one around 2 or something but missed the second one since i was at my aunt's house*

Friday, February 6, 2009

shocked to death. literally.

i was supposed to post this before the mlake post but i forgot.
that happens when you get older. ;p
i'm not trying to brag here but i've just found out my grades for my 1st and 2nd project today.
and i must say that i'm quite surprise with the outcome.
honestly, i was expecting a B- and a C but something else was written there.
i'm not going to post what i got here though.
just wanted to share the shock that i experienced with you guyz.
so, you guys should imagine what kind of shock it was.
was it a good shock or a bad one?
i'll leave it up to your imagination. ;)

still no time.... damn...

after 2 weeks of "fun" doing projects, i finally got my own free time with my family!!!
we'll be going to mlake right this evening~
before this, my mom and dad has been travelling to a lot of places bcoz of work but i have to decline, obviously, since the course i'm taking now takes up ALL of my free time.
i knew that i would be busy but i didn't expect any of this! X(
i tried to sweet talk my parents about changing course but i didn't have the guts.
i mean, it's their dream to have one of their child as an architect.
and i also didn't know what course i'll be taking if i was to change.
dang again!
oh well, i guess i have to endure it until 3rd year.
we'll see if i'm strong enough to continue for the part 2.
til then, toodles!
i'm going to have a hell of a time at mlake!
jgn jelez~
ngah3..! XD