Sunday, December 21, 2008

i'm not ready.

dang it!
uia gombak hols is over!!!!
ugh, time flies sooo fast when you're having fun.
and i haven't packed or even buy stocks of food for the long journey ahead.
i'm not ready to go back!!
noooo!!!! X(
that means i'll be leaving my blog unattended until i'm free which i will never know when.
this sucks. T_T

Saturday, December 20, 2008

what you've been missing out on =]

thursday, 11th december '08
woke up early to go to kl n lpak at my mom's office while waiting for the bus. but it was late that day or maybe we arrived half and hour early at the bus station. haha. so, after the bus arrived at around 2.40pm, our journey to penang began! :D i was quite excited since this was the first time i'm on a bus for a long journey. the farthest i've been was to perak and it was not that far. couldn't sleep on the bus due to excitement but dozed off after an hour. haha. penang was in our sight around 7.30pm but the road was jam packed so my dad had to wait for us for another hour. sian abah. :( we went out for dinner at 10pm and we had to walked in search for food since the taxi is toooo damn expensive! X( it's ridiculous!!! honestly!

friday, 12th december '08

since the guys are out for jumaat prayers, it's time for the ladies to shop! shop! shop! hahaha! XD i bought a shirt that costs me 10bucks! i was proud of myself for purchasing it and loving it!! it kind of sticks to the body but not so much, so i'm hoping i wouldn't gain weight anytime sooner or the shirt would totally look wrong on me! dear god, please help me lose weight! >_< bought a few more stuff (secret2 ;p) and waited for our dad for lunch. since we were hungry and hadn't had breakfast, we went and ate brunch instead without dad. oh well, abah got free food at the hotel anyway. huhu. we met up in front of the hotel around 3pm and went to gurney plaza. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. when i heard the word gurney, all i can think of is "henry gurney". i wonder why. haha. it turned out to be not a scary-prison-type building at all but you can say it looks like a very respectable and high-class mall. like One Utama. =] cool. and so, our eyes were feasted on the hanging signs that says "sale up to 70%!". of coz we were empty-handed all the way since we had shortage of money. i wish i had more money! haish. instead, we went karaoke-ing(it's a must if there's dad, along and bina). while we were waiting for the room to be cleaned, the people around us kept looking at us. and ALL of them were chinese. we were giving them 'what?!-you-haven't-seen-malays-go-to-karaoke-before?' looks. which may scare them a bit. haha. oh well.

[nice voice][not so nice voice -_-;;]

the king of oldies!

by the time our time was up, it was already dark out so we decided to go and grab a bite to eat. there was too many choices of food and we couldn't stand the grumbling of our tummies anymore, we're off to 'BBQ Chicken'(if i'm not mistaken)-a korean based food store. picking the dish in the menu was hard enough, but it was even harder when i tried to eat it! it's not because of the food but my back tooth. it starts to grow a year back and still growing until today. it was seriously painful when i tried to chew the food. dang, i feel like an old granny trying to eat with a new set of teeth. T_T anyway, it was an 'ok' experience for me but the food wasn't great. just good. =/

things to do before the food is served

read a book!

pose as if you were drinking from a big straw

take a picture of the utensils used!

things to do when the food has arrived

take a pretty picture of your food

dig in! :D

oh yeah, while we were loitering around, we encountered a power rangers comeback stage!

i danced along! XD

saturday, 13th of december '08
the day where i'm supposed to meet fairuz! and i did! :D woke up a bit late as promised and we made it there an hour late. sorry peroz! >_< we almost had gotten lost that day due to the confusing signs for the bus. of course we couldn't afford to ride the taxi since it cost us a fortune. so, we had to asked around just to get to Queensbay Mall. why was it so damn hard, i don't know. but it was a unique experience i will never forget! i think. so, met up with peroz at a big doraemon doll (i still don't get why they make a new movie for this character. i mean, yeah it is still fun to watch but that's about it. no need to go and make a movie out of it) and went to eat lunch at dave's deli. my sister's pick. too expensive for me though. huu.

while we munch, came a guy who suddenly shake hands with peroz. i thought he was a friend so i gave a smile and ignored him. he turned out to be a begger(if i may say so boldly). peroz had no choice but to give a bit of money to him and my sis gave a dollar. it was quite a laugh though. huhu. off we go to pray afterwards!

eat.done! pray.done! we had nowhere to go. cait! i have no idea. we ended up watching a movie(the day the earth stood still) and came out with a heavy sigh. it was such a slow action movie and didn't really left an impact in me. a bit dissapointed but a good movie nonetheless.

things we did before the movie and found a weird but interesting shop

a food store which fairuz though was a bowling alley

the weird toilet bowls chairs

the toilet bowl they serve food in. nasty! X(

after the movie - we went to the pantai or some sort

my younger sister - mengenang naseb

my older sister - xtau la buat ape

sunday, 14th december '08
today is the day where we left penang! sob3! X( our bus was scheduled to take off at 9.30am so we woke up at suboh and pack things up immediately. haih, so early in the morning! >_< anyway, we got to the bus station in sungai nibong and had breakfast there. took off exactly at 9.30am and had to change the bus halfway. god knows why. and the new bus smelled like poop! ugh! anyway, picked the rest of the passengers from butterworth and off to our journey to ipoh, perak.

the end.

p/s: pictures here were taken by my phone. there are a lot more pictures in the digicam but my lil sis left the cable at her maktab. dang it. so, i may put a few more pictures afterwards. enjoy what's here for now! :D thx for reading this loong post!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

on hiatus :(

guys! i'll be off for cuti2 malaysia tomorrow!
i won't be posting anything for this coming 2 weeks. :(
if i could get a wifi signal, i'll definitely post on what's happening to me aite?
oh yeah, i'll be going to penang tomorrow until saturday then i'm off to perak for my lil bro's khatan ceremony and kenduri.
wish him well!
he's shaking now ;p
anyway, after that, i'll be registering back at uia.
so, i don't think i have any time to post anything.
so, see you guys in uia! if you are attending there of course.

2 birthday girls :D

on tuesday the 9th, a bunch of us went to sunway piramid to celebrate a 'surprise party' for mardhiah. the plan was kind of a flop from the beginning since fitra, the surprise guest, was 'discovered' by mar at Popular. but lucky us, fitra knows how to act 'mad'. so, mar thinks that he was mad at her for no apparent reason. haha. sorry we fooled you mar! XD

the day starts with lunch at mar's favourite store(?) or food place. haha! XD
here it is~ pizza hut! :D

left to right: mar, nad, pojit, nesh, radzi, bella

the birthday girl

then, a few other surprise guests were coming in one by one. the 1st one was pojit's friend, faruq, who wasn't exactly a surprise guest but we think he was anyway! haha. the guys call him "mar's present". ;p then, along came fitra -who was discovered loitering around Popular by mar and was supposed to be 'mad' at her- and surprised mar even more. this was a shock to her obviously since he came in with a smile. he was never mad at you mar. huhu. and lastly, ain came after the food was almost finished. and we discovered a little later that ain's birthday is also around the corner!

the other birthday girl! happy birthday ain! huhu, trying to fan the candle.

then, a bunch of us went to the bowling alley while myra and ain went to hunt for food since she hasn't eaten lunch yet. the game was kind of heated up since the guys were really competitive. damn you guys for being so good at bowling! X) we played 2 games and i suck at the second one since my hands were already kind of numb. huhu. and oh yeah! i was almost got busted for not wearing socks! haha. one of the workers asked me "where's your socks?" and i told him "it's there. it's just too short to be noticed". boy, was i scared! haha. lucky me he went away! the game went fine and fun. radzi tried to double the fun by rolling a "spinning ball". he got 2-3 strikes in a row. it was seriously impressive!

mar's power ball
pro-bowlers waiting for their turn to bowl.

nad's shy but powerful throw

both are very 'terer' ;p

after we bowled, a day isn't fulfilled if the arcade isn't part of the 'fun plan'. and of course we had to play daytona. at first, it was only mar, nesh and radzi. then, we made a bet if mar wins the race, me and nad will join in. surprisingly, mar won. drat. we ended up playing it anyway. it was kind of fun. huhu.

the day ended with eating ice cream while watching people skate. there was this 2 dudes who wore weird clothes, like a emo cosplay thing. haha. it made EVERYONE turned their heads to them. and another dude wore a shirt saying, 'will buy drinks for sex'. wth? he's malay! if he thinks it's a joke, he better think again. huh! i will laugh to that sentence if i weren't so concerned about teenagers today. i'm not saying i'm a saint and stuff but they are waaaay over in their dressing style. i wish they could change sooner. :(

ok2, i don't want to be emotional since it's a day to celebrate! huhu. we had a photography session here and there. so, the pictures will conclude my post today. enjoy the pictures! :D

3 stooges?

giddy me

papa in my fave colour, red =]

shy nesh?

kami =]

there are a lot more pictures to be put up but i'm tired of waiting the thing to load. haha. so, enjoy what i have here! ;p

*pictures courtesy of mar and ain*

obsession; obesity; obi-one-kenobi?

*kind of tagged by farah*

since farah had already written about her current obsession about a guy, i would like to share my obsession about a group of guys. try and guess! come on! and it's definitely not obi-one-kenobi look-a-likes aite? (say what?! i haven't got a clue as to what i'm trying to say here so just avoid reading that line again ;p)

they are super young, cute and handsome, plus they have a hell-of-a-voice!! ugh, i'll just tell you since you'll be guessing weird boy bands or some sort. so, here they are!

it's SHINee!!!!!!! XD
from top left(going clockwise); tae min, jonghyun, minho, onew, and key.

yeah, i know it's a different genre from what i used to listen to but don't get me wrong. i still love those head-banging, loud songs! haha. and so, i would like to personally introduce the members one by one so you can pick you favourite! i have! X)

this dude is sooo cute! and he's my age! the oldest one in the group and has an angel's voice. hak3. i might be exaggerating a lil bit. ;p anyway, out of the 5 members, i loooove his voice the most! it's definitely different from the others and i could spot his voice in every single song. here's a bit about himself that i found on the net.

Onew (온유 or 温流) (The Leader)

  • Birth name: Lee Jinki (이진기)
  • Birth date: December 14, 1989 (1989-12-14
  • Position: Leader, Vocal

according to the other fans, this guy has the most powerful voice and the handsome-est. haha, i can't argue about his voice but i don't think he's the handsome-est. so-so maybe. no offense to jonghyun fans out there! his voice IS out-of-this-world though when he sings ballad. especially in "Y Si Fuera Ella" song. i feel like i'm in heaven. sigh.

Jonghyun (종현 or 鐘鉉) (Bling Bling)

  • Birth name: Kim Jonghyun (김종현)
  • Birth date: April 8, 1990
  • Position: Lead Vocal

this dude is cute and has a great voice! though i keep repeating the same sentence for the 2 other members, it's just the truth! haha. his voice is the second on my list! very distinctive voice and i loove it! X) nothing more to say. not only that, he also raps! 2 in 1!

Key (키) (The Almighty Key)

  • Birth name: Kim Kibum (김기범)
  • Birth date: September 23, 1991 (1991-09-23) (age 17)
  • Position: Vocal, Rap

this is the most quietest artist i've ever seen! in their reality show, he speaks like 2-3 lines! per episodes! but if you knew me well, i like this type of guy. the mysterious, silent type. haha. it's like solving a math problem. although i don't know how a silent guy would equal to a math problem but whatever. he's the tallest among the 5 guys. i like! :D

Minho (민호 or 珉豪) (Flaming Charisma)

  • Birth name: Choi Minho(최민호)
  • Birth date: December 9, 1991 (1991-12-09)
  • Position: Rap, Sub-Vocal
and last but not least! the cutest guy in this group! and my favourite! haha. he's the youngest, around 15 or 16 years old i think. age doesn't matter when your in love. haha! anyway, he doesn't have the most angelic voice but he dances like a devil! OMG! i sooo love it when he dance. as smooth as liquid! i wish i could dance so we could dance side by side. *drool* anyway, let's not get too obsessed. ;p but girls out there, he's mine! haha. and yeah, the caption says it all~!

Taemin (태민 or 泰民) (The Youngest)

  • Birth name: Lee Taemin (이태민)
  • Birth date: July 18, 1993 (1993-07-18)
  • Position: Sub-Vocal, Sub-Rapper
i never regret knowing them and their songs. as i had said in my previous post, their album is super duper awesome! i listened to them when i wake up and before i go to sleep. in short, it's on my shuffle playlist 24/7. haha.

here's a hot picture of them. although it's weird saying younger guys are hot, but i can't resist! XD enjoy! their 1st album cover. the album that i sooo dearly love.

patient or patience?

hold on people!
i'll be posting a few things when i get the chance aite?! =]
i've been a bit busy so try be patient.
please wait for my new post(s)! X)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


i'm converting back to blogging in english. haha.
but before i begin, i must warn the guys to stop reading this.
if you want to read, that's fine but you'll regret it later.
don't say i didn't warn you! X)

after a few days of being emotional for no reason at all, i finally found my answer.
my period came today! :D
i thought my emotions were just over flowing inside me and i lost control of it and ended up being soo moody.
well, that's PMS to ya! haha.
this is actually the first time i'm experiencing PMS! seriously!
and there's a lot of 'saket perot' going on. like hajar. huhu.
that's all. hehe :D

guys: regretting it?! :p

oh yeah, this is not something you would not regret on reading.
the new blog of sharing experiences has been established! finally!!!
to those people i've emailed, please do your job and share! :D
do it here --> reality check
it is still a work in progress so forgive it's simplicity.
and if anybody is good in designing the header, please tell me :D

p/s: people, i'll tell you when you're ready to view it after we posted some good stuff. thanks for your patience!

kena tag ngan junior X) [ceq mira aqwim]

three name that friends call you
[1] bollo (dak skola renda)
[2] bella, bebe, nabebe (dak tikl ngan uia)
[3] nab (dak smk seri hartamas)

three most important date in your life
[1] 16/01 la of coz! :D sape x ingt bukan membe aku tuh.
[2] ade satu ari tu g klcc ngan ade org tu. x ingt la date nyer bape. huhu.
[3] ari2 yang daku bsame kawan2 ku =]

three things you've done in the last 33 minutes
[1] download manga.
[2] cek blog.
[3] sidai kaen.

three ways to be happy
[1] sentiase senyum camni :D
[2] jangan slalu piki negatif pasal bende. x baek tok otak.
[3] jangan cari gado.

three of your favourite songs as of now
[1] jordin sparks - break them
[2] shinee - one for me & y si fuerra ella
[3] dbsk - mirotic

three of your favourite hobby
[1] bace manga. skang tgh gile kan skip beat. bapak lawak! XD
[2] tgk cite yang best dalam bentok muvi mahupon series
[3] makan pastu golek2 atas katil. ye, saye memang buncit.

three places you want to go for vacation
[1] korea
[2] jepon
[3] paris

*suami ku, sile la carik duit banyak2 ye! :D*

three favourite cartoon/anime characters
[1] kyoko [skip beat] - nak jadik cam die sbb die diklilingi jejake tampan tapi maseh cool gile. x kalot cam ape yang aku mungkin buat.
[2] spongebob - die sgt bpikiran positif. btape baek nyer kalo aku pown begitu.
[3] timmy turner [fairly odd parents] - ble wish! wish! wish! :D

three malls you usually go to
[1] klcc (dkat bebenor ngan uia tu haa)
[2] OU n mid ngan family
[3] times square + bb ngan rakan2 baek ku =] tman mreka shopping. huhu.

three favourite drinks
[1] te-o ais :D same ngan farah gadis biasa
[2] peach tea n blackcurrant tea yang dibekalkn oleh boh tea
[3] mule menyesuaikan diri dgn milo ais. =]

three things found in your bag
[1] purse putih ku yang da mule kotoq :(
[2] anset(s) and earphone (must have!!)
[3] kad matrix?! :D

three favourite colors
[1] red
[2] red and white
[3] red and black

top three people to hangout with
[1] geng biase ku - farah, nad, mar, nesh, peroz, radzi
[2] studiomate kat cfs! - ajaa, nelza, neena, nik, bee, leha, mahad, paez, payeh, pipi, panch, ammar, hapiz, dan tidak lupe kpd johnny boy =]
[3] rumates! - skem, ecah, nasa

top three foods you love so much
[1] cekelat
[2] tomyam
[3] potato bun cicah cadbury hot chocolate. sdap gile! sile try!!! :D

top three things special to you
[1] anset2 ku
[2] laptop merah ku
[3] lagu2 ku

top three atitudes you like
[1] kelakar.
[2] suka senyum.
[3] ada je topik nak cakap.

*haha, same la kite mira~*

three things you will be doing tomorrow
[1] keje uma (angkat kaen, sidai kaen, lipat kaen, vacuum uma)
[2] on9 la kot.
[3] bace manga on9 ngan tgk cite kalo sempt :D

three reasons you answer this survey
[1] mira tag
[2] nak update blog tp xde topic. haha.
[3] sbb mira pakse ;p

three person you want to tag
- sape2 la nak buat. xnk pakse. tgk. aku baek kan?! =]

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

not so much of a music review but more to suggestions. haha.

ni ha. banyak aku nak rekemen kat korang neh. it's up to you guys whether nak dengar ke x tp kalo korang dengar DAN SUKE, aku sayang korang! hak3. :p

The SHINee World [album]
1. The SHINee World (doo-bop)***
2. 사랑의 길 (Love's Way)**
3. 산소 같은 너 (Love like Oxygen)***
4. 너 아니면 안되는 걸 (Romantic)**
5. 그녀가 헤어졌다 (One For Me)***
6. 화장을 하고 (Graze)**
7. 마지막 선물 (Last Gift) (In My Room-Prelude)**
8. 내 곁에만 있어 (Best Place)***
9. 혜야 (Y Si Fuera Ella)***
10. 눈을 감아보면 (Four Seasons)**
11. In My Room (Unplugged Remix)**
12. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)***

album dorang neh memang tersangat la best!!! suke gile kot. lagu2 die sume memang terbaik. jarang aku suke sume lagu dalam satu album. tp yang ni, fuh! marvelous! awesome! undescribeable da ni. kesimpulan nyer, korang kna dengar sdiri la kan. huhu. bintang2 kat tpi tu menunjukkan rating r lebeh kurang. 3bintang la plg byk. xpaya banyak2. 3 cukup =]

p/s: jangan pandang remeh kepade lagu2 korea. silap ari korang yang minat gile kang. huhu. sile give a chance tok nak dengar lagu bahase len plak yep. =]

yang ni plak lagu satu2. pnat la asek nak download album je. pnoh da laptop aku ni ha.

1. Cherish - Bump Like Some Speakers
2. Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson - Super Human
3. David Archuleta - Domino
4. Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care*
5. James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado - Broken Strings
6. Jennifer Hudson feat. Ludacris - Pocketbook
7. Jordin Sparks - Break Them*
8. Kanye West - Heartless
9. Kevin Rudolph feat. Lil Wayne - Let It Rock*
10. Ludacris feat. Chris Brown & Sean Garrett - What Them Girls Like*
11. Natasha Bedingfield - Angel
12. Nicole Scherzinger feat Timbaland - Physical
13. Nidji - Shadows*
14. Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part Right Here*
15. Saving Abel - Addicted
16. Simple Plan - Generation*
17. T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone
18. Varsity - Body Talk
19. Epik High - 1 Minute 1 Second*
20. SHINee - A.MI.GO*
21. Instant Romantic Floor - Luv Punch*
22. DBSK - Mirotic*
23. Wonder Girls - Nobody*
24. Rain - Rainism*
25. Big Bang - Number 1*
26. SHINee - 사.계.한 (Love Should Go On)*

sparoh dari lagu2 ni memang da kua and maybe anda da pnah dengar ke pe kan. kalo anda suke, anda memang hip. =] kali ni, yang ade star kat tepi tu yang paling aku rekemen korang dengar. yang no 19 sampai 26 tu sume artist korea. aku x pakse korang dengar, tp kalo bole sile dengar. haha, ntah pape la care aku promote. :p

Monday, December 1, 2008

bile nak grad?!

ahad aritu, aku g graduation day membe tadika, khadija name die. tp name glamour die dj. pagi tu janji ngan membe aku satu lagi, fannie, nak tunggu kat sacc kol 10. kol 9.30 baru aku bangon. hadeyh. pastu, cepat2 la g mandi and bsiap pe sume then turun g breakfast. ttbe pagi tu lapa, aku makan roti canai skeping ngan nasi lemak laok ayam sambil tunggu fannie miskol. pergh! kembong gile prot pastu. huhu. so, bile fannie da tepon, make berangkat la aku ke sacc pade pukol 11 lebeh sket.

memule tu tkot gak r sesat nak g uitm. due2 xbape tau jalan sangat. seb baek la sampai. pastu dalam uitm tu plak la sesat. bengong xde sign pape. pening r gak kan nak mcarik. tanye pak gad pown dorg da bad mood. baru pukol bape. hmm. ktorg parking la kat asrama dj kat seroja. p la kua duit, mane tau ade nak bli pape tok dj kan. xkan nak datang tangan kosong je, bak kate fannie. make, stelah lame mnunggu dj kat lua dewan budiman, org tu x habes kasik speech lagik. p la g carik hadiah tok dj. pergh, panas gile kot time tu. x brani nak angkat tangan tkot basah. nanti org nampak, malu. huhu. pastu ktorg pown decide nak beli sjambak bunge yang ade grad bear dlm tuh. haha, x saba nak grad. nak satu gak. :p

huh, nak carik dj kat lua dewan tu punye la 'senang' nyer. huhu. gile pnoh orang time tuh. dalam stengah jam pastu kot baru dapat jumpe. kasik la bouquet tadi dan ade sesi tangkap gamba skeping. huhu. xnak boh gamba kat sini sebab rupe aku hudoh. :p

da abes sume tuh, ktorg g jj bukit raje. makan kat old town white cafe. sume bli makanan len2 pastu tuka2. haha, lame x buat ngan nad, mar and shikin. da abes makan tuh, aku tunjuk dj jln nk g intec tok exam die besok nyer since dkat je ngan uma aku. last2 skali aku x konfiden ngan direction yang aku kasik, dj anta aku g uma tros. hadeyh, malu2. pastu abes begitu je la ari aku. huhu.

tapi malam tu ntah tibe2 abah nak kua, so ktorg g subang parade. of all places, tapi xpe la. sonok gak. huhu. itu je nak cite. ktorg g subang parade. haha. ibai bli cd ben 10. haih, bile nak grow up ini budak.

1st december aritu ade bday 2 orang membe ku! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D

fannie yang nak g korea. jangan lupe bawak balek bende best! ngah3! XD

ajaa yang pakai tudung putih tuh. =]

my iq? o-O

Free IQ Test - Free IQ Test

haha, ni nad soh buat sbb aku dok komplen bosan. :P try it guys!

oh yeah, i'll be posting new stuff tomorrow ya since malas nak tulis pape tonight. haha.