Tuesday, January 27, 2009

my time is seriously running out :(

due to some circumstances, i can't update my blog once a day like i used to.
even on hols.
so, i apologize beforehand if you guys got bored of waiting for an update.
even on mid-sem break(which was combined together with chinese new year. ces!), i can't update more than 1 post coz i had to go balik kampong to visit my sick granpa.
and now, i only have one hour to get ready to go back to gombak on account of my family's going to PD for hols/work.
wish i could come with them! X(
sorry(x20) ek!

p/s: bape byk post da aku mintak maap neh~ huu~~ lambat laun kna tutop gak blog ni nnt :(
n sorry kpd farah sbb x sempt nak boh cte pasal 'secret recipe' tuh.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

pros and cons of turning 20


1. people still throw you a surprise birthday party! :D

this was sooo unexpected! i was fooled the whole way by farah. obviously. so here's the story.

on wednesday night, farah suddenly came to my room and asked me to follow her to OU coz there's a 70% off sale at forever 21 and there's a shirt she loves for only 50bucks. well, since it is chinese new year hols, that would be possible. i told her i will go if we go after my class ends at 3pm. she agreed and that's done.

on thursday, i was supposed to go and get a haircut with skem but she said the person in charge was bz the whole day. so, farah, ain and i went off to OU earlier than expected. upon our arrival, i led farah to forever 21 and search for the clothes that she wanted. unfortunately, we couldn't find the one she wants. heart broken, we went in search for food since farah keeps saying that she's hungry. ain asked us to follow her along to look foro her friend also, so we went with ain's plan first.

little did i know, nad, mar, myra, radzi and nesh were waiting for me where ain's 'friend' was supposed to be. i couldn't grasp the moment at that time and went behing a pillar and cried. i was so touched by the surprise that i was so ashamed of myself thinking they didn't care about my birthday at all. it was kind of embarassing since i rarely cried in front of them. haha. after a while, every bits and pieces were falling into place.

a) there was no shirt that cost 50bucks that farah wanted soo much but there was a 70% off sale. i was the one who ended up buying something from there. -_-;;
b) the person that was supposedly in charge for hair cutting was not busy AT ALL.
c) no wonder hajar was so mad when i told her i wanted to cut my hair before going to OU. she said i can cut it by myself. she actually wanted me to go to OU early.
d) there was so much more but i couldn't remember them. haha. ;p

you guys were great!! i had a blast!! thanks!!! XD
oh yeah, radzi paid for the movie tickets afterwards. thanks banyak2 radzi!!!!! :D
p/s: i didn't get a chance to take the pictures from anyone yet so be patient! huhu.

2. people still give you gifts! :D

1st gift: hand-made card given by my roomate ecah!

2nd gift: hand-made card given by my twin nik nadia izyan! we share the same birthday =]

3rd gift: a cute car-print shirt given by anes and yun!! thx guyz! dtg dr cfs just to celebrate my birthday! love you!! forgot to take a picture of it.. X(

4th gift: very cute shirt given by farah, mar and baloo! time kaseh byk2!! X)

5th gift: hand-made pencil case given by syahirah and peroz~ comel sgt!! and in red! huhu..

6th gift: a cute ipod speaker given by nesh~ thx a lot dude coz i know this cost a fortune!

there's still a few more presents to come but i didn't get it yet. haha. joking. but there is a present from nad but she didn't get a chance to give it to me yet. i'll be waiting nad! ;p and adni promises to do a birthday party for me and skem. i'll be wating for that too! XP

the presents i got this year is a lot more than before. honestly, i thank you all for it! i was seriously touched! X) and i'm sorry for all the whining about you guyz not being able to celebrate my birthday coz of the projects.


1. i'm getting old, obviously.

20 is not a good number for me. i feel sooo old since i'm not in the 'teen' area anymore. although i stilll acted like a teen, it doesn't reflect my age at all. i need to be more mature i guess. :(

2. i tend to forget about my health.

this happened the last night to be exact. i was on my way home with nik nadia izyan when we saw sea of people waiting to get on board on the ktm train. seriously, it was like 3 seas combined into 1! we were squished and stepped on since we're small and people pushed us aside. more over, the train was delayed 2 times!! some of them have waited for the train for 2 hours! imagine that. huh.

when we finally got on board, we were seriously squished men and women. it was disgusting! and there was a dude's butt at my thigh. yucks!! X( anyway, after half of the journey, my face and body started to feel cold and i got a massive headache. everything was kind of a blur. nik was busy talking to 3 other girls and i had to nudge her to pay attention to me. suddenly, everything went blank and all i can remember is people touching my face and asked me to sit down. i was kind of half-concious by the time i sat down.

when we arrived at shah alam station, they said i was still a bit pale so one sister had to help me to walk. it was embarassing though. but i thank nik and the 3 girls on the train that helped me. thanks a lot!!! >_< if they weren't there, i wouldn't have known what would have happened to me. god knows if it were my time to 'go'.

such a bitter experience though. :(

Sunday, January 11, 2009

hey ya!

it's been a long time since i posted anything!
last year to be exact. haha.
sorry guys!
so anyway, i'm updating what has happened to me so far.

finished with my 1st project,"odd one out"

i was supposed to show a play of colours in this one but i think it didn't stand out that much. :(
it's not that great and i'm kind of disappointed with it. :((
was expecting something nicer and bigger but when i saw the outcome, it was so LITTLE it looks as if it was a play toy for kids.
dang! X(

2nd project is on going right now.
we had to pick an occupation and my group pick batik artist.
we interviewed this dude at waris seni who had a lot of experiences with it.mr aziz ma'as

we asked him all about working space and such and he digress A LOT.
don't get me wrong, it was a pleasure listening to all of his experiences but we talked for 2 hours and we didn't get much.
i thought it was enough but when we presented on friday, my lecturer said that we didn't have enough info.
so, i was disappointed(again) and we had to come up with an idea this monday.

my schedule for next week,
monday = present an idea for the working space
tues-sun = had to finish ess assignment(weather reading), bcm joint assignment, and working space design(model and drawings) -- i don't think the itme will be enough though.

help me somebody!!
i don't think i can bear the load now.. :((
ni yang trase nak tuka kos neh

anyway, i'm off for research~
i'll post some other time aite?
wish me luck for my assignments!! X(