Wednesday, April 29, 2009


alhamdulillah is all i can say when i found my mom's necklace just now!
ah, the bliss~!!!
thanks to those that pray for me! :D

but there's another bad news today.
this thing has been happening a lot now.
to my ipod nonetheless.
my baby.
my soul.
my partner.
everytime i tried to plug in the ipod to my laptop, it would not detect it at all. :(
and when it does, a message saying, 'your ipod is corrupted' was flashed in front of my eyes.
my ipod is in a good condition.
it can still play all the songs and the vids.
damn ipod, what happened to you?!
so, everytime i have to charge or put it some more songs, i have to reset it first. :(
note that reset is not deleting everything in the ipod.
more like a boot or some sort.
ah, x rti nak ckp.
anyway, my sister recommends me to restore (deleting everything) it.
i mean, some of the songs and vids are not even in my laptop anymore.
xnk la download balek.
what should i do?! :((

Tuesday, April 28, 2009! #1

the day of QTI has finally come to grace me with its presence.
doubling my nervousness, result of sem 2 08/09 is going to be out today after 5pm!
i woke up at 8.30am this morning.
my heart was thumping and gendang-ing like it's going to burst.
it must stop. seriously.

around 11.15, en hamid came to pick me up and run through the road with me twice to get my mind freshen up.
i was ready and confident by then coz en hamid helped me less this time.
little did i know...

a white kancil plated BJY 659 parked in front of the office and was waiting for me.
i went inside and adjusted my chair yada3 while waiting for the dude to go into the office.
and my journey begins..........................................!

disaster no #1
at the exit of the centre, i was about to go when the car suddenly lurched backward when my gear was at 1.
i don't know why.
and it died instantly.

disaster no #2
for qti, we have only 1 round-about to test.
so, i was quite confident when i had passed it.
suddenly, the examiner said, 'awak buat jalan ni cam awak punye je kan?!'
i was like, what the hell?!
i asked him what was wrong with what i did?!
he replied, 'signal ke hape x kasik langsong.'
my eyes went as round as nad's eyes when she was 'drowning' at pangkor. (inside joke :p)
i was madly apologizing to him and he was like, 'it's ok2.'
so, since i was the last to test, he asked me to take a short cut coz he's tired.
and i was dancing inside since the short cut is really short.

disaster #3
at the U-turn aka the short cut, i was grinning to myself and what not.
while slowing the car down, i looked on the other side.
a car was about to pass so i pushed the break to stop the car altogether.
and guess what the disaster is?!
i pushed the gas paddle!!!!!!!!
the car went zooming to the front but luckily my hands were quick to turn the sterring(is this how you spell it?) and foot changed to the break paddle.
the examiner was mad.
freaking mad.
and i was freaking out!
the car died, the front tire hit a divider.
i was seriously about to cry back then.
i plucked up my courage and re-started the car and drove off.
the ride back was unpleasant since he was saying bad stuff.
i know i'm not a good driver and stuff.
but on the way back, nothing bad happened so that was a plus i guess. =/

lucky me, he said, 'saye pass kan awak ni so awak tambah klas and testing ngan en hamid lagi ek. saye tutop sbelah mate je pass kan awak ni.'
i was seriously grateful to the dude.
thank you dude and thank you God for stopping my car in time before anything bad happens. #2

some of you are going to be shocked to death by this.
be prepared.
are you prepared?!

i lost my necklace.
yes, the gold necklace with diamond fruit aka buah permata aka diamond locket(is it a locket? =/)
i was freaking out until now!
yesterday, when i went to klcc and times with farah and kayan, i noticed that it was gone.
i was panicking big time.
i mean, it was my mom's wedding necklace.
a lot of memories in it!
we traced back our steps when farah told me, 'aku xnmpk pown ko pakai rantai time smayang td'.
so, i was a bit confused.
while recalling the memories of the last time i saw my necklace, i called ibai(my youngest bro) to check my bed.
in case it's there.
the result is nada. :(
so i called my mom saying that i'll be home late trying to track back the necklace.
she said, 'if it's lost there, there's no way you'll be able to find it. someone must have taken it by then. lagipon, mak da lame x nampak nabilah pakai rantai. rantai mane satu ni?!'
memories was recollected.
i also haven't seen or touched that necklace for a long time.
if you might not have known, i love to play the necklace.
and lately, i haven't done that.
i went home last night and did a thorough check on my bed, under the bed and anywhere possible.
it is yet to be found.
please, pray that i found that necklace soon guys!
it really means a lot to me. T_T

same thing happened at kaed during yaa's bday when the necklace was hanging loosely at my neck and the fruit(buah) was missing.
with the help of nad, yaa, kak wa, dol, bro shauqee and bro fern, we found it.
thank you for that guys!

jom doa same2 kawan..... :(

Saturday, April 25, 2009

boredom has got me in it's hands...

damn, i'm seriously bored now.
da banyak kali bace da komik2 in my laptop.
as for videos, i didn't have the mood.
why oh why?!

td tgh tgk spongebob ngan mak.
cte tu je la yg buat mak tgelak gile2 slaen friends.
aku pown tgelak skali.

td tgk iklan spongebob.
sok pagi kol 10 pagi ade episod baru.
ade johnny depp.
pergh, gile nak tgk!
ibai pown excited.
ttbe ade soklan mengejot kua,
"nak ibai kejotkan ke?!"
gile mnusuk dalam lubuk ku!!!
tau la aku slalu bangon lambat.
da tbiase maa.
x sangke adek aku sendiri pown paham condition aku.
time kaseh ibai sbb nak kjot kn nabilah X)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

loser with a capital L

yup, it happened again today.
my driving totally SUCKED!! X(
i don't know what's happening to me lately.
my mood keeps going down everyday.
i'm still bored as hell.
i failed bukit for the first round.
but the rounds after that was excellent.
then, en hamid asked me to go on the road.
as usual, i was pretty confident coz i know the road and where to stop, when to change the gear, you know those stuff.
that was all coz en hamid was there to direct me and everything.
what's worse, my car died on the road, in the middle of the round-about.
omg! i was freaking out and it died the 2nd time.
en hamid was like, 'nabilah cpat idop kn enjin' and asking me to hurry up.
that makes me more nervous when people asked you to rush and everything.
yeah, i know it's dangerous but don't make me a nervous wreck!!
i was about to cry back then.
luckily we got back to the training centre in one piece.
then suddenly, en hamid said my QTI will be this tuesday!!
i am not ready!
hell no!
i mean, bukit, parking and 3-pointer is ok for me but road test?!
and the reason i HAD to take it this tuesday is because i don't have much time.
i agree.
but if i fail the QTI, what's the purpose of taking it right?!
tambah mase jugak nnt.
haih, i think i'm gonna die. T_T
guys, help me!!!
da la the only manual car that my family have is being used by my sister AND she's having her finals now.
damn it!
ingat bole testing2 sendiri.
goodbye guys.
see you when i see you. :(

signing out,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

thank you mtv and channel v!

due to great boredom this hols, i was still quite happy with it so far.
can you guess from the title?! :D
i keep on asking you guys to guess, though.
sorry about that. -_-;;

anyway, the reason i'm totally not THAT bored is because mtv and channel v is soooo smart nowadays and have been airing korean and japanese video clips!!!!
aah, the consent~ X)
not only they're airing it, the songs are quite updated!
well, it's a music channel.
what do i expect?!!
they have various artists that i know i loooove so deeply. ;p
SHINee, DSBK, Super Junior, and many more!
as for japanese, the artists are not very familiar to me but the songs are great!

jangan cakap korang suke lagu tu lepas sbulan aku da rekemen ok?! ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

this brings back sooo much memories! X)

i seriously like this song.
and i don't know why.
listen to it ya!
enjoy! ;)

press play! :D

Music Playlist at

Monday, April 20, 2009

miss sucks-a-lot

damn, the title made my face turn red all over again.
you want to know why?!
let's embark on my journey of humiliation...........

on monday morning, bella woke up at 8 am and was getting ready for her driving class at 9 am.
around 8.30-ish, the instructor messaged her saying, 'nabila, saye lambat sikit. kol 10 ek?! baru bangun.'
yeah, he calls her nabila coz he always confused her name with nad's sis. cait.
anyway, then she was like, 'huh, i wasted my sleeping time for nothing ke?!'
and guess what happened?!
yup, she went back to sleep. haha, bijak la anda sume. X)

around 10.20, en hamid came to pick her up in front of her house.
off she goes to institu mandu cekap!

the lesson started off smoothly as the instructor was beside her for the first round.
the rounds to come, she was supposed to do it alone.
yeah, she was confident at first coz she had done this before and it went by perfectly.
i'm guessing luck was not on her side today.
her car died a lot of times at the same place at the same time.
she frantically restarted the car and drive but it ends up the same way.
then, when it was 'bukit' testing time, her car also died a lot of times.
i lost count.
but yeah, i feel sorry for her since there was like bazillion people there waiting for her to go down on the other side.
not on the same side.
i feel her pain and embarrassment.
and the instructor was nowhere in sight when the 'tragedies' happened.
poor her.
another 2 instructors had to go and give help.
i'm guessing she wants to curse him but when you're in a pinch, u forgot about it.

people might tell you, "sure. everyone had been there", "everyone makes mistakes", "you learn from your mistakes", yada, yada, yada....
but when it involves your face and dignity probably, it is still embarrassing.
please feel my pain first.
comfort me.
then you can say all those things to my face.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

can you control your lameness?!

so, i'm here to tell you what i really think about love.
it's a four letter word that describes how you feel to a certain someone.
so far i am correct, no?!

L - lame
O - overprotective
V - vine
E - ecstasy

when you like someone, you tend to be lamer than usual.
this is from my observation and i'm guessing a few others.
like for instance, i am lame. (this is a true fact, huhu)
i promised to refrain myself from liking anybody due to the stupid stuff i heard love could do to you.
but then, i like this dude.
when i am around him, i feel giddy just to be near him.
i even felt ecstatic when he pass by me in the cafe.
stupid, but still true.
then, a bunch of my friends encouraged me to go and start talking to him as friends.
i was sooo confident about it that i started to be lamer than usual.
i am not myself and the way i talk changes.
my body language changes.
for the worse, not for the better.
i was told that i was lame by a friend, i tried do deny it.
but when i met the dude again, i'm not myself.
people around me started staring.
ugh, how i wish i could just act naturally around the ones i like and not be so lame with a capital L.
and therefore, i was convinced.

if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you tend to be overprotective of them.
please don't deny it.
you are scared that he/she will look at other people and not pay any attention to you.
so you restrict them from doing anything that involves the opposite sex.
you get more and more jealous everyday.
you want him/her to only see you in their eyes and don't look at anybody else.
you even scolded them if they are texting someone from the opposite sex.
am i correct?!

love is like a vine.
figuratively speaking.
when you are in a relationship, you are bound by a vine that ties you and your partner up.
some people call it the red thread.
either way, you are tied up with that one person.
okay, i have no idea what else i'm supposed to write here. ;p
so, moving on.....

love is like an ecstasy for your feelings.
it makes you high and it makes you feel like shit.
when you are high, it's like you are in your own world where only you and your partner exists.
but when you are down, that fantasy of yours turns into a never ending nightmare.
love plays with your feelings.
just like the effect of the drug.

after i have pointed these out, i realized that i am not ready for any of this.
my heart, my body and my soul is not ready.
but i kept thinking about what it's like to have a boyfriend, or how nice it would be if i'm married now.
my imagination is driving me crazy!
so, as sane as i am now, i have decided to wait for my turn in love.
don't rush it in your life.
i'm doing the right thing kan?!

this is just from my point of view.
don't take anything serious from this.
but when you are ready to commit to all of this (L.O.V.E), then good luck!
if you are not ready, relax.
that time will come to you soon.
it's a guarantee from God. =]

oh yeah, can anyone answer me, can you control your lameness when love takes over your body, mind and soul?! =]

haha, gile xde kna mngena. ;p

Friday, April 17, 2009

my current addiction too!! XD

i haven't been to nelza's blog for quite a while.
i watched the current addiction videos and i'm hooked too!! XD
two dudes who sang so beautifully but still can make jokes about it with the caption they have put in.
it's hilarious!
it's damn funny!
it's sensational!
ok, i'm going overboard here.
so enjoy it!
i know i did! ;)

a promise to someone.

anda rasa anda hot?
oh, semestinyer.............................................. tak. =]

upload gambar kegemaran anda

kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
sbb gamba ni mnyerlah kan keadaan ku yg sgt gedik. no more hiding. ;p

bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
aku tengah boikot pizza ni atas due sebab.
1. pasal israel tu
2. makanan tu sangat menggemokkan aku X(

lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
alphabeat - boyfriend

Apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
trying to figure out camne nak buat 'notes' kat facebook tu haa. huhu.

Selain nama sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dgn nama apa?
bella, bell, bebe. yang comel2 je. haha! XD

Tag lagi 7orang?
1. nadia nasir
2. martape
3. papa radzi yang bosan dok umah
4. myra
5. ain
6. ajaa ibu ku
7. farah nasiha yang hamper abes exam die =]

Siapa nombor 1 kepada anda?
rumate ku dr cfs lagik~~ tp skarang x la. jodoh kitorang akan jumpe x kire kat uia atopon matrix pahang dlu. tp skang klas sume nak same. eh, banyak plak cite nyer. huhu.

Orang nombor 3 ada hubungan dgn sesiapa?
die tengah mengelamun skang. huhu. arap2 dapat la sape2 yang ko nak tu ek radzi?! =]

Kata sesuatu berkenaan pada orang no. 5?
oh, banyak nak cite pasal die ni. tersangat la hot dan menjadik rebutan para lelaki sekarang. sangat cantek gamba2 yang diambil nyer. sangat kreatip. sangat cantek! haha. cam stalker die plak. ;p

Bagaimana dgn nombor 4?
we are family~ haha. sangat rapat dengan no 5 juge. sangat cantek. da bpunyer. sangat kuat! X)

Siapakah orang nombor 2?
rumate dr cfs ku juge~~ =] skang x juge. die ni tersangat kuat and bile die mngurut, pergh!! wa caya sama lu!!! rindu dowh ko mar. saket gile bahu aku skang ni. *hint2* ;p

Pesanan kepada nombor 6?
ajaa, jangan la slalu bekeng2 kat aku. ramai lagik yang ko bole bekeng diluar sane nun. X)

Pendapat anda tentang nombor 7?
hoho, best friend ku yg sangat chirpy~! anda akan non-stop talking kalo ade die ni. memang menceriakan suasane la! sangat disyorkan untuk dibawe ke party ato ape2 gathering. huhu. *promote sket* XP

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

music matters (tag line from MTV.. huhu)

it's that time again!!!
what time you would be asking?
haha, song suggestions time if course!
but must i warn you, this is for those who have universal ears and doesn't care what genre the song is ;)

Up (Wideboys Remix Edit)
Set Me Off
If This Is Love

Fly (Remix)
One Minute, One Second

English A'la Carte
Alphabeat - Fascination
Alphabeat - What is Happening?
Alphabeat - Boyfriend
Flo Rida - Right Round
No Doubt - Stand&Deliver
Adam Lambert - Mad World (American Idol)
The Noisettes - Don't Upset the Rhythm
Feist - Mushaboom
Feist - One Evening
The Bird & The Bee - Love Letter to Japan
Radiohead - 15 Step

Korean A'la Carte
Clazziquai Project - Romeo N Juliet
Clazziquai Project - Fill This Night
Clazziquai Project - Flea
Clazziquai Project - Beat in Love
blanc. - Discovery
blanc. - New World
blanc. - New World (Clazziquai Project remix)
SNSD - Gee
Super Junior - SORRY, SORRY
Super Junior - MONSTER
Super Junior - Why I Like You
Super Junior - Club No. 1

a reminder to all; the songs that was listed are mostly techno-ish, dance-ish, and within that genre. don't just judge the title and the artist aite? try listening to it first k? =] and i seriously recommends these songs!!! :D

and there are a lot of other songs that i would like to recommend but i forgot the names. i'll add it up later k? =]

enjoy listening!! :D

Sunday, April 12, 2009

orang kate mimpi ptang hanyalah mainan syaitan, tapi mimpi malam macam mane?!

umm, yeah i know i still have one paper left and i have yet to study for it but after i read yaya's post about marriage, i would like to tell all of you about my marriage dream.
no, this isn't my fantasy but what really happened in my dream.
i was quite surprise by it actually.
ok, here goes.

me and my family supposedly went on a vacation to God-knows-where.
but the hotel is like a house.
it reeks. it creaks. made out of dying wood.
clearly it's in a bad condition.
but the outside looks like the hilton hotel.
ok, this is not the important part.
moving on.
when you step out of this so-called hotel, your feet will touched the bay(?) of the ocean.
architecturally speaking, that hotel would've gone down the minute it was build.
me, my family and the rest of the people that stayed in the hotel went for a swim.
then comes strong waves and one of my slipper went away with it.
'oh well, i'll just walk barefoot then', i thought.
i realized then that all of my family members has gone up to the room so i was furious with them for leaving me alone.
when i went into the room, i wanted to throw a tantrum but got greeted by a dude that was sitting with my dad.
i just shrug it off since he may be a friend of my dad's and off i go to my 'room'.
few second has passed and my mom brought drinks to the guest.
i took a glance at him and my heart nearly dropped like the bomb that causes pearl harbour.
the person that was sitting in front of my dad is someone i know!!!
and guess what he was doing sitting in front of my dad?
he was asking for a hand in marriage!!!
to me!!
oh and that's not it!
when i heard the news, i instantly went beside him and linked my arm around him!!
why did i do that?!
why-oh-why?! O_O
i NEVER expected that HE of all people would ask me to marry him.
OMG! >_<
that dream still did a playback in my mind.
does this mean something?
or ANYHTING perhaps?!
now, when i see this person, my heart just jumped out of my chest and i got a bit flustered.
why i'm not sure.
i mean it's just a dream.
dreams don't usually come true right?!
it's just a play of the mind right?

*the dude's identity is classified due to scandals that might be spread by certain people*

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

teehee! XP

i feel giddy by the second~
i only have 2 more papers and i'm done with this sem!!
time flies so fast now...
and i keep getting older by the minute.
dang!!! >_>
my last paper is on monday so c u guys soon!!!

u know u miss me ;)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my peeps! X)

i'm baaaack~~~
hahaha, not entirely laa..
just for a short while...
i'm taking "a break" from books and finals for a while but don't worry...
i will be back on track SOON ;)
just want to update u guys on what has been happening to me these past few weeks..

1. portfolio day for internal and external has finally and officially ended today. hurrah! XD no more drawings!!! hahahaha.. my final project is so-so since the lecturers didn't have that many comments soooo i'm not sure whether it's a bad thing or a good thing... exam is coming up too! T_T wish me luck!! i'm going to need lots of it.. boo! X(

2. someone made some sort of shit to me and two of my friends today and i'm totally PISSED!!! ya hear? P-I-S-S-E-D!!! hopefully that person can come to his/her senses soon or i will plunge my fist to your face. haha, gile gangster. but seriously, something bad will happen soon. beware! >=(

3. i haven't gone back home for 2 weeks!!!! X( and it will be another 2 weeks to complete the finals and that adds up to one month of staying in UIA. damn. T_T i miss my family.... i wanna mmet my bro at his plkn... my mom is going to perak this weekend. damn. (sorry for swearing ajaa)

4. my wisdom tooth is growing rapidly now and it hurts soooo bad!!!!! i can't even eat nor chew properly without having a toothache every 0.1 second. and i had to eat my last resort food: bubor nasi which i profusely refuse to eat due to my lack interest of 'sup'. but it works out in the end. it's not so bad and i might even eat the bubor when my tooth is not aching =]

hmm, i'm guessing that's all for now~ will c u guys again in another 2 weeks!!! ttyl~ muahxx! XP